At FINANCIÈRE MARCOM, each file is studied and processed based on the net equity in the building that is provided as security. In certain cases, a chartered appraisal is requested to determine its real market value. If we accept to provide the loan, a financing offer will quickly be provided to the borrower. Allow for 48 to 72 hours from the time application information is gathered until the final mortgage financing offer is provided.



1. Telephone conversation with the client to discuss the situation (at no cost)

2. Financing offer provided to the client based on the risks and the conditions offered

3. If accepted by the client, a meeting is scheduled with our financing expert

4. The client submits all the documents required to originate the file (at this step, a refundable deposit of $500 is requested from the client to open their file)

5. Assessment of the property to be financed (at the borrower’s expense), and comprehensive analysis of the application

6. If accepted in the end, signature within the following days at the notary’s office (at the borrower’s expense)